Travel Light

Often when I travel folks comment, “Wow, you travel light!” I’ve heard it from TSA agents, gate agents, other passengers and flight attendants. Even before it cost money to check bags and they forced gate-checking because of full flights, I never packed much. It’s probably just me. But maybe if I share my ‘travel light’ strategy, I can make someone else’s life a little easier.

My husband doesn’t like to check a bag either, but he did love his overhead bin carry-on roller bag. He would stuff that bag full and insist on bringing it every trip. And he has had to gate-check it a couple times. Eventually, I bought him the under-the-seat-sized roller bag and we reached a satisfactory compromise. They don’t make him gate check that bag – they don’t even really notice it – because he collapses the pull handle and carries it on.

So here’s an example of what is usually in my mid-sized over the shoulder bag:

  • One or two spare pair of pants and/or shorts (tightly rolled)
  • Two-three tops (tightly rolled)
  • MAYBE one extra pair of shoes (usually I wear the same shoes the entire trip)
  • Undergarments for each day (of course) 😉
  • My clear bag with a minimal amount of liquids

In my purse I carry my passport, phone, headphones, charger(s), makeup, and other necessary miscellaneous items.

That’s it. Two bags. Both of which easily fit under the seat in front of me.

If the weather will be cold at my destination, I wear the heavier clothes and carry my jacket.

Most of our trips run about four-five days, but I have been on more than one ten day trip with only about this much clothing. I can wear each outfit twice and easily be clothed for 7-8 days.  If I plan a longer trip, I wash everything at the half way point.

I have never lost luggage. I have never been delayed because I’m waiting for my luggage. I’ve never had to gate-check a bag and hope to find it at the end of my journey. I don’t fight for overhead bin space with my neighboring passengers.

And I have never once done without anything I needed.

Published by Skip and Terri Weir

Sharing our experiences through photos, sketches & digital journaling. Facebook: /SkipWeirArt Instagram: @terri_weir Twitter: @weironthego

2 thoughts on “Travel Light

  1. That’s awesome! I had gotten in the habit of traveling very light for business when I used to go to Europe and didn’t want to worry with hauling a lot of extra stuff around not to mention keep up with it. But having kids got me back in the habit of over packing to always be prepared. Now that my kids are older, it’s time to go back to traveling light. Thanks for the reminder!


    Misty Ann


    1. I sure don’t miss carrying around all the accessories needed for kids! It’s a liberating day when they’re all off diapers and bottles and it just keeps getting better. Let them carry their own stuff ha!


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