Above the Clouds

Once, several years ago, we took a road trip in Europe. We flew into Zurich, rented a car, and drove down into Italy, across to Slovenia, and on into Croatia. It was a wild ride and we did the entire trip in nine days. By the way, if you’ve never considered Croatia as a vacation destination, give it some serious thought. Croatia is every bit as beautiful as Italy and much less expensive. The people are very friendly and most speak some English. But I digress.

On the way north back to Zurich, as we approached the Alps, which we drove through heading south, we were diverted. There was road work. We were detoured over the Alps. We had been awake for probably 20 hours, we still had hours to go to get to Zurich, and it was 10 o’clock at night. We were seriously punch drunk. Again, I digress.

Within minutes we were a mile above the little village near the detour. A few minutes more and we were above the clouds. It’s a moment we could never recreate. It was amazing.

I love to be above the clouds when flying. It’s bright and sunny and otherworldly up there no matter how rainy, stormy, or icy it is below. What an amazing thing that man figured out how to fly. What a privilege that we live in this century! We fly! We’re flying! We are flyers!!

Published by Skip and Terri Weir

Sharing our experiences through photos, sketches & digital journaling. Facebook: /SkipWeirArt Instagram: @terri_weir Twitter: @weironthego

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